Forehead Kisses from God

Beautiful morning here in the PNW to celebrate our 3rd anniversary living in Oregon!

I was speaking with my father-in-law this morning about some miraculous “coincidences” in my life that have no explanation other than God stepping in to give me support. Not to take away challenges. We all have those – but to make sure I’m equipped to face the challenges that come to me.

There are big, obvious ones – like the time I dreamed about my adopted daughters before I ever even met them. Then there are the little ones that I call forehead kisses from God – like seeing a full rainbow across the highway in front of us the day I found out I’d been approved to foster the little girl who became my daughter. (As a young child, she had an affinity at the time for telling people, “Rainbows mean God loves us” so it was a particularly personalized and meaningful forehead kiss)

The beauty of today feels a bit like a forehead kiss, too. Like God is telling me happy anniversary & good job for listening to Him when His plan brought me out here, despite leaving my family and my home behind. My heart aches for missing having my family near but this city has been good to us, for us. And I hope we’ve been good for the people we’ve met here.

God is good. His plan is good.

I’d love to hear your forehead kisses or your big, obvious miraculous coincidences.

Forehead Kisses from God
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