Just Listen

I prayed with ardor.

Somewhere inside of me,
before I even realized it,
the Lord's answer took root.

I don't know how long the answer had been inside,
waiting for me to hear it.

I only know that,
once I silenced my thoughts and just listened,
I heard His answer,
repeating softly over and over,
assuring me of His direction,
waiting for my attention.

How long had I been praying for an answer?
A week?

How long had I been stressed trying to decide on my own?

How long had I weighed pros and cons,
searching for the right path?

How long had I been asking God for guidance and not listening for His answer,
ignoring the low steady hum of His answer already given?

Some of you may have read these words before. This morning while praying, I felt pressed to post it again. So I'm following that call, trusting that the message will fall in the right hands.

Shhhh.... Stop talking. Stop asking. Listen.
Just Listen
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