Matters of the Heart: Unforgiveness

If you would care to share, what's the hardest time you've ever had with forgiveness? How did you cope?

For many of us, the hardest to forgive is ourselves. A few years ago, I was struggling with some memory that left me feeling pretty darn low about myself. I was wondering about the idea that God still loved me, not really doubting it, but also feeling like the most unworthy being in the history of beings. Then suddenly I realized, He always knew this was coming.

Before I ever faced this temptation, let alone the disappointment of my actions, He knew this day would come, and yet He'd always chosen to love.

Today, before I have any idea what my next outrageously dumb, cruel, insensitive, terrible choice will be, He already knows. He already forgives!


If you need to forgive yourself this morning, maybe that idea will help you a little bit along the way. Our mess-ups are only a surprise to us, not to Him. During your innocent youth, if you were lucky enough to have a relationship with Him, He already knew this was coming. He knew exactly what you'd say, how you would respond, and He loves you as much as He did back before when you were basking in His love.

You still can bask in that love. He loves you, I love you. He forgives, and He wants you to forgive yourself as well.

Come on in, the Father's love is warm, and you're always welcome.

You have a wonderful day, friends.

God Bless,
Matters  of the Heart: Unforgiveness
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