Every now & then, I read my daily devotional or my daily Scripture and - dare I even say it? - It really doesn't resonate with me.

I don't feel any strong pull to investigate further. There's no inward emotional response. I don't sense the Spirit within me groaning with recognition or being called out.

Those days are (frankly)... bland. A little bit boring.

And I wonder if I'm letting myself off too easy. Am I getting lazy in listening.

Then I get a day like yesterday and I'm reminded that my laziness is no obstacle for my God.

I was waylaid by not 1, not 2, but THREE repeat lessons yesterday!

I think of the days I used to play volleyball with my Dad's church friends. Sometimes a soft, easy lob might appear harmless enough - but it's a set-up for that most masterful play: the SPIKE.

God spiked on me yesterday. Again and again. He got my ears perked up for sure.

When God spikes on me, I realize often that I haven't been looking deep enough. There was room for growth in those Scriptures but I needed my perspective adjusted so I could see deeper.

Over the next few days, I'll log some of those in my journal.

For today, I invite my readers to reflect on the following:
What season are you in? Fruitful & exciting or drab & boring?What has God been repeating to you recently?
What easy lobs appeared recently which could actually be a set-up for God's spike?
Is it possible to see that (or those) easy lobs from a different perspective that gives a deeper view?

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